About Us



DISCOVERY Import & Export Co Ltd is one of the largest companies in terms of importing and exporting operations in the Asia region. Offering a large variety of products spanning different industries, DISCOVERY also provides solutions aiming to resolve the clients’ needs. Through years of experience, DISCOVERY stands by the philosophy: ‘Planning the company’s growth requires planning the growth of the clients.’



The path leading to the birth of DISCOVERY began back in the year 2002. After being offered the chance to come to China, a younger Mr. Mudar Abou Asi made the move to Guangzhou, China in 2004 to continue his Master degree studies in Analytical Chemistry.



DISCOVERY offers to the world BUSINESS SERVICE SOLUTIONS, where clients can freely choose from a range of services and options to create the package that best fits their needs.

DISCOVERY believes by offering clients’ reliable solutions in a professional manner, our company’s level of success can only be measured in our clients’ continued growth and satisfaction. So in this regards, DISCOVERY is here to bring clients to discover in themselves the potential, and success of their business venture.

  • The mission for DISCOVERY is to create value and continuous success, by acting as the international department for our clients’. The DISCOVERY philosophy is: ‘Planning the company’s growth requires planning the growth of the clients.’
  • By providing services the clients can choose from to meet their desires; allows for the freedom and flexibility any sized business needs to maximize their growing requirements and potentials.