The path leading to the birth of DISCOVERY began back in the year 2002. After being offered the chance to come to China, a younger Mr. Mudar Abou Asi made the move to Guangzhou, China in 2004 to continue his Master degree studies in Analytical Chemistry.

Mr. Mudar has spent a year studying the Chinese language and culture before beginning to take advantage of the business opportunities which China has offered. When not studying for his Master’s degree, Mr. Mudar would go to the airport not expecting anyone to arrive – with a sign saying he can translate between English, Arabic and Chinese. By fishing for incoming clients, Mr. Mudar at that time strongly believed that if he can devote his resources and attention to each of his customers, successfully commit to satisfying their needs beyond their expectations; would only ensure they would return and recommend him to other clients.

During this period, Mr. Mudar was also attending the famous Canton Fair, engaging in factory visits, Quality Control Checks, in addition to gaining experience to what will later become DISCOVERY Import and Export.

Mr. Mudar opened DISCOVERY Import and Export Company Limited in 2008 in Guangzhou, China. Shortly after this, his hard work and devotion brought him to graduate with a PhD. in Environmental Science and Engineering.