H.E.Dr. Mahmood Hassan AL Farsi

Ambassador of Hope

H.E.Dr. Mahmood Hassan AL Farsi

Ambassador of Hope.

Arsenal General Trading CEO/Founder. 

"AGT" It has experience  of  business in UAE, and GCC countries & the  Middle East although in Europe where it has  been doing business in General Trading, Exports /Imports & rexport, Agencies globally representing & brands related to buy/sale and trade of  technical goods in the  MENA regions.

"AGT" has thier own/ partners in Platforms in different sectors in USA, EU,MENA & global marketing AGT has helped to build a good network and  recognition amongst  businessmen and Venture capital company's investors/& Lifestyle Consultants 

 which helps to introduce  The  Company’s services  in  the  MENA & GLOBAL possesses  excellent  communication,  organisational and  interpersonal skills  and has ability to build  relationships with other businesses   already has working relationships with various clients in MENA, & UK/EU. AGT experience, qualification & resources will enable  a competitive  advantage due to  their understanding of the  Middle  East  Market.  This  will  enable  strong  energy,  drive,  and  work  ethics  will  enable AGT  to  develop  the  venture  into a success.

Dr.Mahmood Hassan Al Farsi is an Emirati National from UAE, Born in Al Ain-Abu Dhabi, graduated in B.S in computer engineering from the USA and holder of several diplomas in Economics and International Relations, Tourism, Marketing, Communication, Advertisement and Events management from the Pit-man Institution of London (England) and Gold Coast Institution (Australia). PhD in Humanitarian Researches Studies and Autism (UK).

His passion to the industry of marketing and visual communication and well cultivated expertise in 360 Media (TV, Radio, Printed Press, Magazines, Newspapers, Broadcasted News and Social Media) has led him to become actively involved as a Tolerance & 

Peace Activator as well Board members & Ambassador in several NGO'S who are Licensed under/or with UN and European Union Governments and Private Sectors in such as Humanitarian, Peace Initiatives, Sports, Fashions, International & Lifestyle Consultant in USA, Europe, Asia,GCC countries/ MENA 

Sports diplomacy to have a unique and irreplaceable capacity to unite people changing hearts and minds, going far beyond ethnic, religious or social differences in a time and world that is so connected but ironically, so divided. With the current global antagonism they see today, due to the actions and events that take place, they see an increase in marginalization and isolation of many citizens worldwide.

 He believes that right diplomatic sports movement that uses soft power to bring people together. Their contribution to peace is to influence diplomatic, Music,Films, Social Media and community relations by creating neutral environments through the Educational which work with central governments, federations, football clubs, local councils and schools to help bring about peace and act as impartial negotiators in areas where dialogue has broken down. 


community to further foster dialogue and create a Inspirational 

Strong platforms for  intercultural dialogue leaving a great legacy for all Nations in different Countries to participating. 

So often, bilateral ties are described in economic and political terms, however they are showcasing soft power and its ability to positively contribute at both government and grassroots level. Working with the United Nations through the Educational Sports Tolerance lead Peace Process commitment.

Dr.Mahmood Hassan Al Farsi "AGT" Partner/Producer, in Follow Me 

Platform,Beverly Hills California, USA 

that has contributed to shaping the film industry and production,Music and film industry, & other TV Series which has the ability to break cultural barriers and cross bridges of understanding.

With a mission to unite, heal, connect, and inspire in different sectors and projects.

In addition, he is a member of the Congress Library in Washington DC, USA and ‘Who is who’ in Arab World Book 2003.

Dr.Mahmood Hassan Al Farsi has been appointed as Jury Member of Global Art Awards 2017/2018.

The international summit and activities of "My Food Is My Cure" granted Awards

Dr.Mahmood Hassan Al Farsi the title of Ambassador of Hope, in Humanity Research Studies, same title as Lionel Messi the Barcelona football player. The titles were awarded Under the presence of His Royal Highness Sheikh Hemdan Bin Nahyan Bin Hemdan Al Nahyan with the presence of H.E. Ambassador Dr. Tariq Saif, Secretary General of the Therapeutic Food Initiative and Tareq Humanitarian Organization London & Director General of Excellence & Autism. The awards were held at the prestigious Armani Hotel, Burj Khalifa in Dubai -UAE.

Dr.Mahmood is a rising Consultant in the UAE,GCC countries regions he is a Founder/Partner, in "AGT" Arsenal General Trading & Lifestyle Consultant, Dr.Mahmood was thankful to be honored during the summit and to be Awarded as an Ambassador of Hope. This event is considered the most important initiative that translates the achievement of happiness for employees through reducing their stress levels.

Dr.Mahmood ALFarsi was a former Sales and Campaign Manager Since 2011 till 2017, at the governmental entity Abu Dhabi Media*.

(ADM) is one of the fastest growing, multi-platform media and entertainment organizations in the Middle East. (ADM) operates and manages 25 market-leading brands across multiple platforms, including broadcast, publishing and digital. Through its diverse platforms, Abu Dhabi Media provides unique and compelling content that is entertaining, informative and engaging; targeting a wide base of audiences regionally and internationally.